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      Today, container products and all accessories which are product from plastic are becoming very popular and are widely utilized, i.e. road barriers for road construction, disposal hoppers for high premise construction, garbage bins, septic tanks (for residential places, condominium and factories.) storage tank, two layers ice box for fishing industries to keep freshness of food, and wide open container for chemical industries, and fruit preserving industries etc.

      Krieng Thavorn Containers CO. Ltd. Was established in 1988. The company concentrates to produce environmental friendly product by producing septic tank (wastewater treatment tanks), underground and on-the-ground water tank for residential area, road barrier for safety of …m, garbage disposal tubes for under-construction buildings, garbage bin, hotel equipments, children toys, ice box – to preserve the freshness of food such as fish, pork, chicken, vegetable and etc. as well as to made the ice last longer from meriting. ( for fishery, fresh market and ice producing factories).

      Krieng Thavorn Containers CO. Ltd has   The company also uses the special mould which was designed by our team of experts in s one-stop process production. In addition, we are professionals and use modern technology throughout the plastic production for all our products. We utilize the MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) which is the best plastic material for all of our products. MDPE has a high durability which also has strong insulation quality. In addition, it is also not easily broken or fragile. MDPE will not be destroyed by acid, alkaline and all kind of chemical substances. It will also be damaged by all natural conditions such as outdoor sunlight or seawater. It is also lightweight, easy to move, none ardor, anti-rust and none-toxic. All of its qualifications are provided to meet requirements of both.
domestic and overseas customers.

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